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Specialty of Philosophy

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The Specialty of Philosophy (non-teacher training)is a program with 4 years of schooling. The specialty was founded in 2003. In 2008, it was honored to be the characteristic specialty of Shaanxi province. In 2017, it was honored to be "First Class Major" (Cultivation) in the universities of Shaanxi Province. And also, it is one of the superior specialties of the University, listing at the top in research and teaching in the western region of China.
Now there are 23 professional faculties. Among them, there are 13 professors, 5 associate professors, and 5 lecturers. And there are totally 20 teachers with doctoral degrees.
The specialty aims to cultivate advanced inter-disciplinary specialized talents who are expected to have high degrees of political and moral virtue, grasp rudimentary Marxist theory, stick to right political direction, stand on firm theoretical foundations and can master systematic knowledge of this specialty. They are also expected to become professionals who can engage in research, teaching, theoretical propaganda and alike in the fields of Marxist philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Western philosophy, the philosophy of science, ethics and logic in educational institutions and that of scientific research, party and administration institutions, corporations and public institutions, colleges or universities.

Undergraduate Core Courses: Principles of Marxist Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy, History of Marxist Philosophy, Principles of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Logic , Philosophy of Science and Technology, Principles of Aesthetics, Western Philosophy after Hegel .