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Specialty of Sociology

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This major is the earliest professional sociology in northwest China, from 1993 began to recruit and cultivate undergraduate students of sociology, has been formed after more than 20 years of development the major has one master unit level subject, three secondary major and one social work professional degree , has one of the social survey research center, sociology and social work laboratory. 1. There are 11 full-time teachers in sociology, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 2 senior titles, 4 associate senior titles and 5 lecturers. This major develops the overall development of Character, intelligence. It has the creative spirit and practical ability. It has a systematic knowledge of law and a comprehensive knowledge of sociological theory. It is more proficient in social investigation skills. After graduation, it can engage in social investigation and analysis, social policy research and evaluation, social management and planning, and community. Senior sociological specialists.

Undergraduate Core Courses: Sociology, West Sociological Theory, Social Psychology, Theory and Method of Social Research, Statistics for Sociology, Social Stratification and Mobility, Social Modernization, Sociology of population, Political Sociology, Introduction to Social Work.