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Specialty of Administration

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The specialty of administration is a non-teacher training program with four-year schooling. The specialty of administration was founded in 2003 and became the innovation experiment area at the provincial level in 2009.
Now this specialty has 12 teachers, including 2 professors and 6 associate professors, 11 of whom have gained PhD degree and more than half of whom has the experience of studying and researching abroad.
This specialty is devoted to cultivating advanced inter-disciplinary specialized talents who are equipped with theory of Marxism,modern public spirit and the sense of innovation, master the basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills, are capable of managing and communicating, and who are able to conduct the academic research and do the management work in government offices, enterprises and other institutions.

Undergraduate Core Courses: Principles of Management, Introduction to Political Science, Public Management, Public  Economics, Public Policy, Public Sector Development and Management of Human Resources, The National Civil Service System, Local Government Administration, public crisis management, E-Government, Statistics , Executive Secretary and Official Document Writing.