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Specialty of Political Science and Administration

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The specialty of Political Science and Administration was a designed undergraduate program in 2017 for training students and we are expected to welcome our freshmen in the fall of 2019. The students who complete their four-year study successfully will be offered a bachelor degree in Law. Our graduates will be able to working for government organs, enterprises, institutions, social organizations, etc. And they may also pursue a graduate degree in the fields of social sciences if they are interested in teaching or research.

Currently the department has 8 full-time faculties and all of them own a doctoral degree offered by the world’s famous universities. We uphold the concept of “sincere unity, trust and cooperation, make progress together”, promote “discipline development, academic upgrading, student training”, and aim to train senior and professional management talents with public spirit, service spirit and innovation consciousness.

Advanced undergraduate courses include:  Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics, A History of Western Political Thought, A History of Chinese political Thought, Contemporary Western Political Thoughts, A History of Chinese Political System, Comparative Politics, Introduction to International Politics, Introduction to Diplomacy, A History of Public Administration Theory, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Research Methods in Political Science, Administrative Secretary Document Writing.