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Public Administration

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Public administration has been constantly following the growth of China’s administrative subjects, and integrating the strengths of the university and subjects. We have also established close ties with Xi’an municipal policy research center, Xi’an Academy of Social Sciences and Chang’an district government, undertaking various research projects as well as training program. We offer four majors, namely Master of Administrative Management, Land Resource Management, Urban Management and Public Administration. Based on the development of public administration theories, the Major of Administrative Management focuses on the governance issues of public sectors and updates together with the development of government, as well as expanding the research area of public administration. It cultivates high-end, innovative, adaptive talents of public administration for the areas of public governance, personnel administration, senior administrative secretaries, policy analysis, and NGO management. Master of Public Administration, with the strengths of “Double First-class” university, insists on cultivating high-end, innovative, adaptive talents, developing students’ political and moral standard, understanding systematic public administrative theories, knowledge and models, fostering their public policy analysis and problem-solving abilities. The following core courses are offered for postgraduate students: Public Management, Public Policy Analysis, Policy, Public Economy, NGO Management, Public Ethics, Social Research Methods, Electronic Government Administration, and Leadership.