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Philosophy discipline of Shaanxi Normal University is a key discipline of Shaanxi Province. It now has doctoral and master's degrees in Philosophy and postdoctoral mobile stations in Philosophy. It hosts 1 philosophy and social science key research base of Shaanxi Province and key public sentiment information research center. After more than half a century and several generations of scholars' uninterruptedly efforts, the philosophy discipline has formed a complete education system including undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral. The undergraduate major of philosophy is “Characteristic Specialty of Shaanxi Province” and “First-class Professional (Cultivation) of Shaanxi Province”. The Post-doctoral Research Station of Philosophy has been rated as “Excellent Postdoctoral Research Station” in Shaanxi Province. A good situation of philosophy discipline has been formed, which is driven by Chinese philosophy, Marxist philosophy, and foreign philosophy and religion, aesthetics, philosophy of science support each other and develop steadily. Guan Xue and Neo-Confucianism, Value Philosophy, Political Philosophy, German classical philosophy and Vajrayana have a great influence as well. In the “Fourth Round of Discipline Assessment” which is approved by Ministry of Education, our philosophy discipline is juxtaposed with Xiamen University and Tongji University for 17th, and got level B, which is the top 20-30% in mainland China, and it ties with Sichuan University for first place in western China. It has become one of the most important bases for philosophical personnel training and academic research in China. At present, the main courses for postgraduates include: History of Marxist Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Value, Philosophy of Politics, Practical Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Classical German Philosophy, Relationship between Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and Philology of Chinese classical philosophy, etc.