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Our School Successfully Held the International Academic Seminar on "Harmony and Justice: Moral Practice and Social Reconstruction"

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At present, the international community is confronted with various challenges, and social order is urgently to be rebuilt. How to find the unique wisdom from traditional Chinese philosophy, to make Chinese voice heard, and to highlight the charm of traditional Chinese culture have become common concern of scholars home and abroad. In this context, sponsored by the International Society for Chinese Philosophy, undertook by our School of Philosophy and  Government, assisted by the Shaanxi Hengqu academy, the International academic seminar on "Harmony and Justice: Moral Practice and Social Reconstruction" was held on August 9 and 10 at Shaanxi Normal University. The meeting invited more than 20 well-known scholars from the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, mainland China, Macao and so on. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Youmou, party secretary of the School of Philosophy and Government.

Professor Dang Huaixing, vice President of our school, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Principal Dang pointed out that "harmony" and "justice" are not only the core issues of Chinese philosophy, but also the fundamental issues that a transitional society must face. We must be concerned about how to achieve harmonious coexistence in a society with diverse values and diverse interests, and how to enable all social strata to have hope for life in an increasingly divided society. The ancient Chinese philosophers' concept of the unity of man and nature, their concept of self-cultivation and governance from individuals to the world, as well as their understanding of order and a better life, are bound to provide us with rich lessons on how to solve these problems today. Professor Guo Qiyong, dean of the school of Chinese studies at Wuhan university, said in his speech that the Guanzhong area where Xi 'an is located has always been a place of cultural prosperity. "Harmony" and "justice" are common values pursued by different ethnic groups. Professor Yuan Zushe, dean of the School of Philosophy and Government said in his speech that Chinese philosophy has never been academic study, It always takes benevolence, righteousness and morality as its path, and gave birth to  the abundant social governance and moral practice. The conference is very timely, as scholars will explore the theories and wisdom of moral practice and social governance from traditional Chinese philosophy in order to better solve the problems in China's own development.

During the two-day discussion, the conference was divided into six sessions to report and discuss the basic issues of harmony and justice, the concept of harmony in Chinese philosophy, and the possible contribution of Confucianism to moral reconstruction.

The first seminar was hosted by Prof. Tian Weiping of the university of Macau. The second seminar was chaired by professor Chen Yunyun of East China Normal University. The third seminar was hosted by professor Richard king, President of the International Chinese Philosophy Society. The fifth seminar was hosted by professor Chen Shaoming from Sun Yat-sen University. In the end, the sixth seminar was chaired by professor Li Chenyang from Nanyang Technological University.

The wisdom of life contained in Chinese philosophy plays an important guiding role in our contemporary life practice. The teachings of Confucius and Mencius are not, as traditional critics claim, mere relics on display in the bowen pavilion. Rather, they are form the basis of Chinese civilization and still shape our understanding of life. It is believed that through this seminar, the increasingly localized Chinese philosophy can provide some explanations with the spirit and characteristics of Chinese traditional culture for the problem of "harmony and justice", and promote the solution of this problem.