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The second anniversary of the implementation of the "Support Program for the Growth of Talents" in our college

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In March 2017,In order to further promote the construction of long-term mechanism of excellent study style, create a good learning and living atmosphere, and enhance students' sense of learning acquisition, sense of achievement and future core competitiveness, the School of Philosophy and Government launched the "Support Program for the Growth of Talents". In the past two years, the college has carried out a series of activities in ideological education, professional learning, cultural education, employment guidance, social practice and other fields. The teachers of the college have participated in all kinds of work to help students grow into talents. Students of the college are enthusiastic, practical and enterprising, and work hard to be the first. They strive to grow in the full participation and realize the comprehensive improvement of thought, learning, quality and ability.

1. Standing at a high point, planning the "grand pattern" of academic style construction 

In the long course of running the school, the School of Philosophy and Government has gradually formed the teaching style of "seeking truth, preciseness and practice" and the study style of "honesty, sensitivity and application". The college adheres to the philosophy of "discipline leads specialty, heart concerns and value growth". The college team stands on a high position, thinks deeply, and firmly grasps the fundamental task of cultivating talents and forming the consensus of "three indivisible" : talent cultivation and ideological and political work are inseparable; The construction of teaching style and learning style is inseparable from the policy guarantee mechanism; The first-class discipline and the first-class specialized construction, with sureness is willing to do, eliminates the worry solution difficult student work troop cannot be separated. In the past two years, relying on the "Support Plan for the Growth of Talents", the college has made overall layout and overall planning, striving to build a big pattern of academic atmosphere construction, which takes academic atmosphere with teaching style, promotes academic atmosphere with management, fosters academic atmosphere with culture, and displays academic atmosphere with actual achievements. 


2. Return to the standard, building a "load-bearing wall"

The college firmly grasps the requirement of the new era talent cultivation, further unifies the thought, and returns to the standard. Facing the conflict between reaching students’ prime and being grown-up, between teaching by personal example and verbal instruction, and between giving and taking , the college strengthened the ideological ethics, building the good study habits of students, promoting teachers’ love in guiding the students’ academic study. Over the past two years, the college introduced the detailed rules for the implementation of study style construction, behavior of college students and other six rules, holding a theme class meeting every month. Adhere to "students' first task is to read and learn", the college created a good educational environment for teachers to love teaching and students to study hard.

3. Brainstorm, building a "community" of study style construction

Relying on professional teachers, counselors (head teachers), alumni and think tanks (social co-construction base), the college has built a "four-in-one" learning style and education community. In the past two years, the whole family has been mobilized to create a learning and growth platform with the characteristics of "philosophy and politics". At present, the college has 7 research platforms above the university level, 3 overseas cooperation bases, 23 social practice bases at all levels, and 11 learning and communication platforms for teachers and students, including Wenlan lecture hall, Liren reading club, philosophy workshop and Zhezheng youth theory. Every month, more than 10 teachers lead students to read and study together. Every semester, 4 to 5 alumni are invited to go back to school to communicate. Every year, more than 200 students go to various social practice bases to visit and study. The rich and diversified learning and practice activities have broadened students' horizon, enhanced their professional self-confidence, enhanced their sense of learning achievement, and laid a solid foundation for enhancing students' core competitiveness in future development.

4. the stars surround the moon, building the style of study construction "concentric circle"

In order to further build a long-term mechanism of academic style construction, the college, relying on its discipline characteristics, strives to build a "one heart, four circles" academic style construction system: taking the quality of talent training as the center, and taking the "4+8" academic style effect index as the radius, to build the core circle of "learning improvement project" including academic management and accurate help. With the innovative undertaking as the radius, the second layer of circle of "brand activity project" is outlined. Cultivating people by example is selected as the radius to outline the third layer of circle of "academic excellence project", including extracurricular classic reading and study for students of all disciplines and majors. With the social practice base as the radius, the college outlined the outer circle of "employment promotion project" including the whole staff linkage.

The young people of the college are confident and self-motivated, active in thinking, pursuing beauty and fashion, cherishing more opportunities for growth and development, and yearning for a better future. In the past two years, the passing rate of CET-4 has reached 93%, the employment rate has remained stable at 92%, the enrollment rate of students has increased from 33.03% to 47.94%, the graduate examination rate has increased from 2% to 11%, and the enrollment rate of philosophy undergraduates has reached 75%. Students participated in mock court, speech contest, English contest and other competitions above the provincial level, and won 26 national and provincial honors. The school has emerged many advanced models, such as the best debater in a single round of the world Chinese debate competition, the good Internet user of Chinese youth, the champion of the debate competition for college students in Shaanxi province, and the outstanding young volunteer of Xi 'an city.


Next phase, the school will continue to push forward the talents support program, to build  good atmosphere of harmony sweet and forge ahead for students' growth, to cultivate ideal faith, the home countries feelings, solid professional foundation, strong scientific research ability, a strong spirit of innovation and open international vision of our talents, and to encourage every student shoulder the important task of the era. Let the dream of youth fly in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!