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The Course "Political Philosophy of the 21st Century" of 2018 International Summer School for Undergraduates in Our School has been successfully concluded

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The International Summer School course for undergraduates hosted by our Institute, "Political Philosophy of the 21st Century: New Theory and New Vision", was successfully concluded on July 26. This course lasted 11 days and offered a total of 9 topics. Each topic lasted 2 hours, divided into teaching and discussion.

The content of the course is colorful, taking into account professional and general education. The arrangement is compact but reasonable. Lecturer, professor Richard Gilman-Opalsky, instructed from 9 topics including "Partha Chatterjee and his Nationalist Thought", "Martha Nussbaum and her thought of Patriotis M and Cosmopolitanism "," Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri "," Franco Berardi and the Futurability "," Silvia Federici "," Paul Vir 9 Topics Ilio "," Jacques Rancière "," Specters of Revolt "," Twenty-First Century Political Philosophy and China “. He made multi-directional, multi-angle analysis in view of the actual problems between China and the United States with relax and various ways, winning the praise of the students unanimously.


During the course, the students actively discussed the problem with the professor, showing a good level of foreign language and professionalism. The classroom atmosphere was active. The assistant teacher, Zheng Jiahao took part in the whole process, carefully arranging the course, actively guiding the students to participate in the discussion, and answering the questions for the students. He also arranged the foreign teacher Richard to travel to the Education Museum, the city wall, the bell tower, the Terracotta Warriors and other places full of historical and cultural characteristics to let him appreciate the profound cultural heritage of China, and experience the friendly enthusiasm of the Chinese people and deepen his good will to consciously serve as a friendly messenger of Chinese and American folk exchanges. Volunteer Zhao Ya actively assisted the assistant teacher's work, provided warm service to students, and maintained the classroom discipline.

This course is an important practice to actively respond to the purpose of international education for undergraduates, promote the internationalization of undergraduate curriculum construction, reform and innovate general education, improve students’ comprehensive ability to use foreign languages, broaden students’ horizons, and enhance students’ ability of cross-cultural understanding, and achieved success. In the future, upholding the concept of international education, the college will put the cross-cultural courses into practice and strive to cultivate outstanding students with an international perspective.